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    Mobile Phone Disposal

    Accredited mobile phone disposal

  • iso 14001
  • Comprehensive waste management for mobiles

    In 2021, studies showed that there were 15 billion mobile phones around the world and it was estimated that there are a whopping 85 million old handsets in the UK alone gathering dust in people’s desk drawers – that’s the equivalent of 44% of all old handsets in the country.

    We’re the answer to the clutter.

    Our comprehensive commercial mobile phone recycling service doesn’t just take care of the phones. No, we can recycle the batteries and the chargers too, so absolutely nothing has to go to a landfill.

    If your business is guilty of having unused handsets just lying around the office then speak to our team about recycling them responsibly. You’ll be doing the planet a favour and you get your desk drawer back to be filled with all-new clutter!

    Mobile Phone Recycling

    Eco-responsible mobile phone disposal

    Plexstar has the facilities that are required for the safe storage, destruction and disposal of mobile phones that have been used commercially. In that sense, recycling mobile phones has never been easier or more convenient – just bring your company’s old mobile phone tech to us and we’ll catalogue them and recycle them in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Up to 80% of a mobile phone is recyclable and we’ll dispose of the rest in an eco-friendly way.

    Mobile Phone Recycling
    Mobile Phone Recycling

    Which mobile phones can be recycled?

    It doesn’t matter what make or model your old phones are – our commercial mobile phone recycling service can take care of them all. Popular brands such as Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy smartphones can often be refurbished, but other manufacturers such as Sony, Huawei, Google, Ericsson, Nokia, Xiaomi, Alcatel and Doro can easily be recycled.

    And remember, we’ll always aim to recycle up to 100% of the old business mobile phones that you send our way.

    Phone Recycling

    What our clients say


    "As a major CSP in an overseas territory, it is always a challenge finding a cost-effective solution for telco equipment decommissioning and recycling. Having tried various service companies in the UK, Plexstar quickly stood out. Their diligence and expertise were critical to the success of the turn-key solution they offered, which shouldn’t be taken lightly given the logistical complexity that we faced. They managed the entire process for us, and the overall service and attention afforded was superb. I would not hesitate to recommend Plexstar to anyone and shall certainly be keeping them high up on our list of preferred contractors for the future."

    Hitachi Astemo UK

    "Plexstar are our trusted supplier for Secure Asset Management and WEEE services and have been for many years. They provide an efficient, secure and reliable service that we can count on when needed."

    Scan UK

    "Plexstar have provided an exceptional service to us over the past 10 years. Their customer service is superb and they’re always willing to go the extra mile to support and assist our operations. We can’t ask any more of them."

    Mobile Phone Recycling FAQs

    How do I dispose of my old mobile phones?

    If you have a batch of old mobile phones that you no longer have any use for then most recycling centres will accept old mobiles, but not necessarily in bulk. If that’s the case, then speak to our expert team about us recycling them for you instead. We’ve been recycling old phones responsibly for a long time and we can also provide you with the proper paperwork to say that they’ve been responsibly disposed of.

    How are mobile phones recycled?

    Mobile phone recycling is actually very efficient, regardless of how old they are. There are many ways for them to be upcycled, refurbished, and repurposed, but if they’ve reached the end of their useful life they can still be stripped down and the camera components, motherboards, wiring and plastics that go into making them can, more often than not, be 100% recycled.

    Can you throw mobile phones in the bin?

    This is not advisable, especially if the phone has an in-built battery. The type of batteries used in modern mobile phones tend to be Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, which are highly flammable and have been known to explode. They also contain substances which are harmful to the planet if they are thrown into a landfill, so if your business has a bunch of old phones cluttering up precious drawer space, we’ll take them off your hands and dispose of them responsibly.

    Are old mobile phones worth anything?

    Technology moves at a rapid rate, especially where mobile phones are concerned, and it’s often the case that this year’s must-have phone is next year’s brick! That being said, there are lots of companies that will buy second-hand mobile phones but they don’t tend to offer very much for them, especially if it’s in bulk. That’s where commercial mobile phone recycling is the more attractive option and you should give us a call.
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