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Our E-Waste Disposal Services

Our specialist electronic waste services provide highly secure, environmentally friendly end-to-end solutions for businesses looking to dispose of sensitive information, old technology assets, and e-waste in a conscientious way. 

Our cutting-edge CRM system allows us to track the process securely every step of the way and provide you with a paperless report, further enhancing our (and your) green credentials.    

Our clients have trusted us with the safe, secure, and responsible disposal of their data and electronic waste since the early 1980s. If you need to dispose of sensitive data in a secure way, repurpose old electronic assets, or recycle IT, telecom, and electronic items responsibly, then get in touch with our team of experts for a free, no-obligation quote.

What we do

B2B Electronic Waste Services

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Asset disposal

Our specialist asset recovery services aim to keep as much IT and telecoms e-waste out of landfills as possible. We refurbish, upcycle, re-sell, and repurpose as much as possible. If the assets are beyond being salvaged, we’ll dispose of them in an eco-friendly way, further reducing your carbon footprint.

data destruction

Data Destruction

We ensure all data-sensitive material is destroyed according to strict industry standards. Whether your hard drives or physically destroyed or your data is erased, we guarantee 100% data integrity for your business.

telecoms system storage


We fully manage your end-to-end telecom network asset recovery service. Our specialist team of technicians will decommission and remove your old equipment in a secure and efficient manner – with no network or operational disruption.

IT Recycling

IT Recycling

Our sustainable UK-wide IT recycling service maintains a zero landfill promise. Plexstar aim to refurbish, recover and recycle more than just computers. Our IT recycling service extends to all electronic ancilliary items, including; cables, wires, AC adapters, hard drives, keyboards and more.

Battery Disposal

Battery Disposal

Plexstar understand it’s essential for large businesses to ensure that all batteries are disposed of correctly, since most batteries and power supplies are classified as hazardous waste. The Plexstar team specialise in compliant and environmentally responsible disposal and recycling of batteries and power supplies. Let us take the hassle out of battery disposal and recycling and provide the peace of mind that comes with responsible and sustainable business practices.

EPOS System Disposal

EPOS System Disposal

Let Plexstar take ownership of your EPOS waste. Our team will refurbish, recover and recycle as much as possible – since 75% of all electrical items in EPOS systems are recyclable.

Plexstar specialise in helping large businesses and enterprise organisations become more environmentally responsible with our fully compliant EPOS system disposal service.


Mobile Phone Disposal

Mobile Phone Recycling

Asset Management

Asset Management

Value Recovery Service

Value Recovery

WEEE Disposal Accreditations

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