Sustainability for many businesses as often been an added bonus or an afterthought. For us, it’s at the forefront of everything we do. From our asset management and data destruction services to our strict and detailed recycling methods. Sustainability is paramount.

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    The problem

    It’s widely accepted that e-waste (WEEE) is the fastest growing waste stream globally and is starting to present real physiological issues. According to the Carbon Column, global E-waste was at 55 million tonnes in 2019, which is over 7kg per individual. This number is predicted to rise to 75 million tonnes by 2030, almost a 40 % increase.


    Our Sustainable methods…

    Our aim

    Refurbish and Re-purpose

    At Plexstar, our main aim is always to refurbish and re-purpose any assets that we collect. Our specialist asset management team examine and test all assets to determine which assets can be refurbished and re-purposed. Those assets that can be refurbished are done so to the highest possible standards. By refurbishing and re-using assets, we’re reducing the amount of unnecessary e-waste that is entering the system, reduce the demand for new items and offer cost-effective high-quality products.

    hard drive
    Data Deletion

    Data Erasure

    We offer a secure data erasure solution as an alternative to physical hard drive shredding. By using the latest industry-leading ADISA and CESG-certified software, our security-cleared staff will permanently and irreversibly erase all data stored on the assets. The software used offers the highest level of data sanitisation.

    By offering this solution, we can reuse the asset rather than only being able to recycle only 70% of the hard drive through shredding.

    computer recycling

    Our Accreditations

  • iso 14001
  • Recycle

    All assets that are deemed unfit for refurbishment are then subject to a rigorous recycling process. Rather than being overly reliant on heavy machinery, our team of technical asset disposal experts break down items to almost individual components. This allows us to recycle them efficiently, whilst also reducing our energy output, which in turn lowers our carbon footprint and business emissions collectively.

    Our Partners


    Plexstar work with several recycling partners to ensure that we maximise the amount of materials and minerals that are available for refinement. By stripping assets to individual elements, this allows us to segregate the components, ready for our certified partner to refine so that they can be used to manufacture new products.

    Through our stringent processes and the help of our partners, this reduces the demand for the mining of precious minerals and metals, by using those already in the system.

    commercial battery
    Our Policy

    0% to landfill policy

    Through repair and refurbishment, working with relevant refinement partners, along with our 100% recycling policy, Plexstar also commits to a 0% landfill policy. Our forward-thinking processes and policies ensure that all the WEEE we manage is disposed of in an environmentally friendly and secure way.

    We also adhere to current legislation and act in accordance with the WEEE directive. Our range of initiatives, such as our tree-planting scheme also offers staff and clients further options in offsetting carbon emissions and achieving sustainability targets.

    Circular Economy

    Circular Economy

    We ensure that the methods and solutions that we offer help us deliver a circular approach to sustainability. Through our services, we encourage refurbishment and reuse, as this is always our main aim.However, we also provide clarity and education on recycling. This allows all clients to make informed decisions when it comes to disposing of their assets.


    From our clients

    Hitachi Astemo UK

    "Plexstar are our trusted supplier for Secure Asset Management and WEEE services and have been for many years. They provide an efficient, secure and reliable service that we can count on when needed."


    "As a major CSP in an overseas territory, it is always a challenge finding a cost-effective solution for telco equipment decommissioning and recycling. Having tried various service companies in the UK, Plexstar quickly stood out. Their diligence and expertise were critical to the success of the turn-key solution they offered, which shouldn’t be taken lightly given the logistical complexity that we faced. They managed the entire process for us, and the overall service and attention afforded was superb. I would not hesitate to recommend Plexstar to anyone and shall certainly be keeping them high up on our list of preferred contractors for the future."

    Scan UK

    "Plexstar have provided an exceptional service to us over the past 10 years. Their customer service is superb and they’re always willing to go the extra mile to support and assist our operations. We can’t ask any more of them."

    Quest Trust

    "’Plexstar were our chosen partner for our 'Global Recycling Day' held in school, giving the opportunity for our school community to safely and responsibly dispose of electronic devices, in accordance with WEEE regulations and as part of our Eco-Schools focus. They generously extended the offer of free collection, safe disposal and data destruction to the rest of the trust when we explained that we had quite a number of laptops and tablets that were obsolete. Plexstar provided us with a collection box and arranged a collection date that suited us, then provided us with full certification. I would definitely recommend them as their service was second to none. We look forward to working with them going forward, as they’ll now be providing the Trust with regular collections."

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