Green Football Weekend.

8 March 2023

Green Football Weekend

Football was as hectic and frantic as ever this weekend. Goals galore, sackings and a WWE style rumble at Old Trafford. However, a new initiative in the shape of ‘Green Football Weekend’ provided a pressing backdrop to the weekend’s fixtures.

Sky and BT created several challenges for their presenters and even collaborated on certain projects/visuals, some players of participating clubs wore green armbands and fans were encouraged to score ‘green goals’ for their respective clubs.

With suggestions such as turning your thermostat down, having shorter showers. Ideas we’ve been provided with constantly over the last 12 months, as the cost-of-living increases.

All great stuff of course.

Now fair enough some clubs did show their pre-match/halftime vegetarian offerings, various transport links.

However, wouldn’t it have been great to have highlighted some new ideas and those that can be applied to businesses as well?

Such as clubs sustainability/waste processes or how to recycle laptops, TV screens, tablets and mobiles that many of us use to watch on each week.

Even production and media companies showing how they dispose of the hardware and infrastructure used to broadcast the thousands of games covered each and every season.

Over 1 million tonnes of e-waste ends up in landfill in the UK every year. With the vast majority of this coming from businesses.

It’s all well and good asking us to cut down at home, but there’s so much we can do at work as well.

Despite this, over 75,000 ‘green goals’ were scored by fans, pundits, and players, so it was most certainly a positive start.

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