What is a Data Destruction Certificate and Why Does Your Business Needs One?

16 March 2023

Data Destruction Certificate

As more and more sensitive information is stored digitally, data security has become a top priority for businesses of all sizes. To protect your business and your customers, it’s important to properly dispose of data when it’s no longer needed, and that’s where a data destruction certificate comes in.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what a data destruction certificate is, why your business needs one, and how Plexstar can help you to obtain it.

What is a Data Destruction Certificate?

A data destruction certificate is a document that proves sensitive information has properly (and legally) disposed of. The certificate typically includes information such as the date and method of destruction, the type of data destroyed, and the name and contact information of the company responsible for the destruction.

Why Does Your Business Need a COD?

There are several reasons why your business should obtain a data destruction certificate, including:

1. Compliance

Depending on your industry and location, you may be required by law to properly dispose of certain types of information. A data destruction certificate can help you demonstrate that you have met these requirements.

2. Risk mitigation

Even if there are no legal requirements for data disposal, failing to properly dispose of sensitive information can still pose a risk to your business. A data destruction certificate can help you mitigate this risk by proving that you have taken appropriate measures to protect confidential data.

3. Customer trust

In today’s digital age, customers are more concerned than ever about the security of their personal information. Obtaining a data destruction certificate can help build trust with your customers by demonstrating that you take data security seriously.

How to Obtain a Data Destruction Certificate

Plexstar has some of the most secure methods of data destruction, data wiping and data removal in the country, including a state-of-the-art electronic tagging system, a bespoke CRM, fully security-cleared staff, 24-hour CCTV and restricted access storage rooms. Plexstar will issue you with a data destruction certificate upon its successful disposal.

Data Destruction Certificate FAQs

Here’s the answers to the most commonly asked questions Plexstar’s data disposal experts are regularly asked:

Who needs a data destruction certificate?

Any business that handles sensitive information should consider obtaining a data destruction certificate.

How often should I obtain a data destruction certificate?

The frequency of obtaining a data destruction certificate will depend on your specific business needs and any legal or regulatory requirements.

What happens if I don’t obtain a data destruction certificate?

Failing to obtain a data destruction certificate can pose a risk to your business in terms of compliance and customer trust.

Get a Data Destruction Certificate With Plexstar

As a highly reputable data destruction firm with over four decades of experience, Plexstar are well practiced in storing, transporting, destroying and recording safe data destruction.

We’ll provide a destruction certificate once your data has been safely disposed of, giving you and your clients the peace of mind that you have acted according to strict laws and your client’s data is safely.

For more information on anything to do with data destruction certificates, speak to our expert team today by calling 01942 811 483 who’ll be happy to help.

Alternatively, contact us online and we’ll be in touch at a time that suits you.